As an investor dedicated to driving the mass adoption of Web3, we are delighted to see the partnership between two of Newman Capital’s portfolio companies – Immutable X and Polygon. This partnership will allow Immutable X to roll out their zkEVM solution through Polygon, further solidifying their commitment to providing a gamer-friendly experience for developers, as […]

[Hong Kong] – In a monumental leap towards advancing Web3 consumer mass adoption, Newman Group proudly unveils its official Web3 strategic partnership with Complex Chinese. Together, Newman Group and Complex Chinese aim to establish Asia as the preeminent hub for Web3. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment, setting the stage for an exhilarating journey at […]

Table of Contents Introduction Blockchain networks keep a decentralized ledger of transactions, verified and recorded by a network of nodes, ensuring the system’s security and transparency. As the network grows in size, the demand for computational resources to handle the increasing number of nodes and transactions also rises. This is because each transaction needs to […]

2023年8月11日,香港 – Newman Capital 宣布他們最新投資項目Xverse,一個支援Ordinals和BRC-20協議的比特幣 Web3 錢包 這次500萬美元種子輪融資,其他參與的投資者包括Jump Crypto、RockawayX、Sfermion、Alliance、NGC Ventures、V3ntures、Old Fashion Research、2140 Bitcoin Ecosystem Fund 、Bitcoin Frontier Fund、Franklin Templeton、New Layer Capital、Miton C、Gossamer Capital、Daxos Capital、Sora Ventures、Tyhke Block Ventures、IOBC Capital、以及 Despreadl 與策略天使投資人。 Ordinals是比特幣史上成長最快的Layer2協議,隨著比特幣市值達到6千億美元,其在DeFi 和NFT市場的潛力飆升,吸引了新一浪的投資人和開發員關注,令2023年上半年在此生態圈下的底層建設需求增長急增。 中國在比特幣的發展中,從早期採用、到硬體建設、以至挖礦,一直扮演著重要角色。 而香港作為連結中國與國際的橋樑,就自然成為了傳統與加密金融市場的國際中心。 近日香港宣布撥款5000萬港幣,加速推動香港Web3生態圈的發展,當中最備受矚目的是HashKey Exchange 和OSL Digital Securities Ltd 相繼宣布獲得了香港首批加密貨幣交易所牌照,吸引了很多投資人和協議項目到來,而Xverse則突出成為了領軍人物 項目,並在同年推出了產品。 在Xverse眾多投資人中,Newman Capital是唯一一家總部同樣設於香港的風投公司,他們面向全球,以強大人脈和開發資源支持最頂尖的 技術項目。 Newman Capital創辦人及執行合夥人Adrian Lai 表示:「這是自香港政府開放政策後,我們首次投資以香港為總部的項目,參與了Xverse最新一輪的融資,我們非常自豪可以成為Ken和團隊的早期支持者,與Xverse擴展比特幣社區,他們正在構建創新產品去提陞容易性和可用性,為 現有和即將加入的比特幣生態用戶建設,讓所有人受益。」 總部設於香港的Xverse成長速度驚人,過去一年其應用在iOS、Android、Chrome擴展獲35萬次下載,方便用戶的界面成為了比特幣錢包的新標 竿,讓科技走向主流邁進一大步。 不斷革新的Xverse最近更宣布支 持Ledger加密資產硬錢包,成為首個為Ordinals及BRC-20幣提供安全冷儲存方案的平台。 Xverse的創辦人兼執行長Ken […]

Welcome to the first article of our Back to Basics Series. In the midst of this bear market, we will be deep diving into some of the blue-chip protocols and their native tokens that we believe have already shown value and why these protocols could potentially outperform the market on the long-term horizon. The first […]

We are happy to announce that Newman Capital has invested in Openfort, a blockchain infrastructure company focused on Web3 gaming that aims to streamline crypto account management and empower programmatic transactions through robust API endpoints. Openfort’s platform allows developers to effortlessly connect their users to Web3 applications by decreasing user friction with the ultimate goal […]

Pitch your ideas to industry experts and compete for a combined investment of USD 200,000! Are you ready to showcase your innovative ideas? As a valued member of our network, we invite you to participate in the New World Innovation Challenge 2023, hosted by Eureka Nova in partnership with Newman Capital. Eureka Nova is a […]

The Current State Of Networks Total value locked (TVL) in the cryptocurrency space does not exist solely on the Ethereum network. As seen in Figure 1, while most TVL (59%) lies on Ethereum, the remaining 41% is spread across over 179 chains, with an increasing number in development daily. Our previous article highlighting our latest investment, Orb […]

Newman Capital is proud to announce our collaboration with New World Development for their upcoming Innovation Challenge 2023. As one of the highlights of this year’s Innovation Challenge, our firm will co-host a Web3 competition with New World Development’s investment arm, Eureka Nova. Eureka Nova prides itself on being a leading open innovation platform that empowers […]

We are thrilled to announce that Newman Capital is co-hosting a Web 3.0 competition with Eureka Nova as part of the New World Innovation Challenge 2023. Eureka Nova is a leading open innovation platform that empowers technology startups to co-create within the New World Group ecosystem of culture, creativity and innovation. As a leading full-stack […]