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中東區塊鏈市場、加密幣熊市、DeFi未來 – Newman Capital Adrian Lai #37

April 3, 2024

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Adrian Lai is the founder of Newman Capital, a principal investment firm focused on private equity and venture capital investment with significant presence in Web3. Newman is an investor in influential companies such as Reddit, Epic Games, SpaceX, Dapper Labs & Kraken. It has also invested in Web3 funds such as Bitkraft, Shima Capital, Republic and Metaweb. Newman is also actively investing in early-stage Web3 startups with 20+ portfolios. Adrian previously served as the co-founder of Liquefy, an institutional blockchain solution with presence in Hong Kong & The Middle East. Adrian began his career at BlackRock with experience in Sales & Marketing, Fintech & ESG Investment. He worked with chairpersons and board members from 100+ listed companies across Asia on corporate governance, corporate actions, cybersecurity, and climate change risk. Adrian was a Columnist at SCMP on blockchain technology and a commentator for Wall Street Journal & CNN.

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