Index Introduction Bitcoin, conceived by Satoshi Nakamoto as digital cash for facilitating P2P payments, marked the beginning of a new era in finance, laying the groundwork for decentralized finance (DeFi). However, its design initially did not support advanced DeFi applications due to the lack of programmability. Ethereum filled this gap in July 2014, introducing deployable […]

Inference Labs, a visionary in combining artificial intelligence (AI) with Web3 technologies, is proud to announce a successful $2.3 million Pre-Seed funding round.

After the damage from the Sam Bankman-Fried debacle and the collapse of the terraUSD stable coins in 2022, digital currencies have been emerging from the so called crypto winter since late last year.

PANews 4月10日消息,据链游公会YGG在X平台宣布,目前已完成新一轮战略融资,Newman Capital参投并与之达成战略合作关系,

Mezo, a Bitcoin scaling network built by Matt Luongo’s Thesis, has emerged from stealth with $21 million in funding.

As an investor dedicated to driving the mass adoption of Web3, we are delighted to see the partnership between two of Newman Capital’s portfolio companies – Immutable X and Polygon. This partnership will allow Immutable X to roll out their zkEVM solution through Polygon, further solidifying their commitment to providing a gamer-friendly experience for developers, as […]

PRESS RELEASE. Ordinals Asia 2024 will be taking place alongside Bitcoin Asia, and is expected to be one of the largest Bitcoin gatherings of the year. 

ZeroLend , one of the fastest-growing DeFi protocols in 2024 is set to launch its native governance token ZERO in Q1 2024. Securing 3 million USD at a 25 million valuation, ZeroLend announces the successful closure of its Seed Round, with the Private Round rapidly filling up.

The round was led by Portal Ventures, with participation from Bitcoin Frontier Fund, Bitcoin Startup Lab, Big Brain Holdings, Newman Capital, Genblock Capital, Tykhe Block Ventures, and more.