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Telegram Tap-to-Earn Crypto Games Explained: Pixelverse, Hamster Kombat, Notcoin, TapSwap and many more

July 4, 2024

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. The Rise of Tap-to-Earn Games
    2. Key Components of Tap-to-Earn Games
  2. The evolution of Telegram and the TON
  3. What are Telegram Tap-to-Earn Crypto Games?
    1. Why Use TON?
    2. Benefits for Developers and Players
  4. Overview of Popular Games
  5. How Telegram Tap-to-Earn Crypto Popular Games Work?
    1. Hamster Kombat
    2. Notcoin 
    3. TapSwap 
    4. Pixelverse
  6. Key Concerns with the Tap-to-Earn Trend and Evolution
    1. Basic and Addictive Gameplay
    2. Verifying User Legitimacy
    3. Sustainability of Tokenomics Models
    4. Enhancing Discoverability and User Onboarding
    5. Integration and Support from Telegram
    6. Security and Fair Play
    7. Evolution and Future Prospects
  7. Conclusion


In recent years, gaming trends across social media platforms have been evolving rapidly, creating a new meta that is both addictive and engaging while rewarding its early users. This new wave of gaming, often referred to as “tap-to-earn,” is revolutionizing the way people interact with games and earn rewards. One of the most notable examples of this trend is the integration of tap-to-earn crypto games within the Telegram app, which leverages the TON blockchain technology.In recent years, gaming trends across social media platforms have been evolving rapidly, creating a new meta that is both addictive and engaging while rewarding its early users. This new wave of gaming, often referred to as “tap-to-earn,” is revolutionizing the way people interact with games and earn rewards. One of the most notable examples of this trend is the integration of tap-to-earn crypto games within the Telegram app, which leverages the TON blockchain technology.

The Rise of Tap-to-Earn Games

Tap-to-earn crypto games are a groundbreaking concept that allows users to earn cryptocurrency through simple interactions within the Telegram app. This combination of accessibility and potential reward drives significant interest among users. Games like Notcoin, which boasts a market cap of nearly $2 billion, exemplify the immense potential of this gaming model.

Key Components of Tap-to-Earn Games

  1. Engagement: Tap-to-earn games incorporate gameplay mechanics such as daily tasks, referral programs, and upgrade options that encourage players to keep coming back. These features create a habit-forming cycle, making the games highly addictive.
  1. Earnings Potential: Although not always explicitly stated, the focus on retention in these games suggests a substantial potential for accumulating in-game currency. This potential for earnings keeps players motivated and engaged.
  1. Market Impact: The success of games like Notcoin, with its significant market capitalization, highlights the market impact of tap-to-earn games. These games are not only popular among users but also attract considerable attention from investors.
  1. Blockchain Integration: Tap-to-earn games like TapSwap leverage the TON blockchain technology, which is potentially developed in collaboration with Telegram. This integration ensures the security and transparency of transactions, further enhancing the appeal of these games.

The evolution of Telegram and the TON

The evolution of Telegram and the TON blockchain has played a crucial role in the rise of tap-to-earn games. Telegram, with its vast user base and robust infrastructure, provides an ideal platform for these games to thrive. The TON blockchain, known for its scalability and efficiency, ensures that the games operate smoothly and securely.

These games are not only addictive and engaging but also offer substantial rewards to their early users. The synergy between Telegram and the TON blockchain is instrumental in driving this trend, making tap-to-earn games a significant phenomenon in the world of gaming. As the development roadmap unfolds, we can expect to see even more exciting advancements in this space.

The chart below shows detailed events in the roadmap of TON (Open Network)

Source: TON, https://ton.org/en/roadmap; Coindesk, May 13, 2023

What are Telegram Tap-to-Earn Crypto Games?

Telegram crypto games are mini-apps within the Telegram app that allow users to earn cryptocurrency through simple actions like tapping or completing tasks. These games tap into Telegram’s vast user base of over 1.5 billion and integrate with the TON blockchain for secure and efficient transactions.

Why Use TON?

TON’s fast and low-cost transactions make gameplay smooth and enjoyable. Its secure storage ensures that any cryptocurrency earned is safe and easily transferable, giving real value to your in-game activities.

Benefits for Developers and Players


  • TON integration allows for creating more complex and engaging games.
  • Ensures players’ trust by securely handling their earned cryptocurrency.


  • Play directly within Telegram without needing extra downloads.
  • Enjoy simple mechanics like tapping or completing tasks, known as “Tap to Earn.”
  • Earn in-game currency or tokens that can be converted to real cryptocurrencies.

Telegram’s Advantages as a Crypto Game Platform

  • Large User Base: Utilize Telegram’s 1.5+ billion users to build strong gaming communities.
  • Community Features: Groups and channels facilitate communication, competition, and events.
  • Real-time Updates: Receive instant notifications about game events and earning opportunities.
  • Wallet Integration: Easily withdraw and manage earnings using TON wallets.

Telegram crypto games are redefining the gaming landscape by offering engaging and rewarding experiences directly within a popular social platform.

Overview of Popular Games

The table showcases a diverse range of tap-to-earn games, each with unique features and varying levels of complexity. High earning potential and substantial user bases are common among the top games, while innovative gameplay mechanics and blockchain integration are emerging trends. 

This diversity caters to different player preferences and provides ample opportunities for developers to explore new avenues in the play-to-earn gaming space.

How Telegram Tap-to-Earn Crypto Popular Games Work?

Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat, a “Tap to Earn” game on Telegram, offers an engaging experience where players tap a hamster to progress and earn rewards. The game’s frontend displays progress and upgrade options, while backend servers handle game logic, rewards calculation, and leaderboards. 

It uses TON’s storage solutions for user data and the TON blockchain for managing in-game currency (HMSTR), minting tokens during airdrops, and supporting token trading. Players can connect a TON wallet, such as Tonkeeper, to claim and trade their earned tokens. Hamster Kombat leverages Telegram’s vast user base and TON’s fast, low-cost transactions to provide a seamless gaming experience. The simple, addictive gameplay and the convenience of playing directly within Telegram make Hamster Kombat highly appealing to users.

Notcoin — Tap-to-Earn Game Mechanics

Notcoin is a captivating play-to-earn game on Telegram that allows users to earn cryptocurrency by tapping a virtual coin. Players interact with the Notcoin bot, earning in-game Notcoins through simple, engaging actions. The game’s frontend displays progress and energy levels, while the backend manages game logic and awards Notcoins. 

Users can connect TON wallets, such as Tonkeeper, to store and trade their Notcoins on exchanges like KuCoin. Notcoin features various earning mechanics, including boosts, auto-tap bots, and tasks. Social elements like forming squads, inviting friends, and competing on leaderboards enhance the experience. Integrated with the TON blockchain, Notcoin ensures fast, secure transactions, combining Telegram’s vast user base with rewarding gameplay to significantly boost user engagement.

TapSwap — Tap-to-Earn Game Mechanics

TapSwap is an exciting play-to-earn game on Telegram where users earn in-game coins by tapping the TapSwap bot icon. Players can complete tasks and challenges to earn additional rewards, with options for character upgrades and customization. Social features allow players to form squads, invite friends, and compete on leaderboards. 

Future updates include combat mechanics, NFT integration, and a market simulation. TapSwap also plans to introduce features like swapping, staking, and crypto payments, along with educational resources to help players understand the crypto world. Combining simple, addictive gameplay with real-world rewards, TapSwap offers a unique and engaging experience in the play-to-earn gaming space. Dive into TapSwap and start earning today!


Pixelverse is a dynamic cyberpunk-themed entertainment studio and game ecosystem that harnesses the power of web3 technology to deliver an engaging “Tap to Earn” narrative. Focused on social gaming, GameFi, and SocialFi, Pixelverse has grown exponentially, boasting over 41 million registered users and significant daily activity. The ecosystem features real-time PvP battles and a unique utility token, with 200,000 battles occurring every 10 minutes.

Pixelverse leverages the appeal of cyberpunk aesthetics and the capabilities of web3 to create an ecosystem that is both engaging and rewarding. Its diverse range of games and robust user engagement make it a standout in the realm of social and game finance. With continuous growth and strong backing from notable investors, Pixelverse is poised to lead the next generation of play-to-earn gaming.

Key Concerns with the Tap-to-Earn Trend and Evolution 

While tap-to-earn games on Telegram have garnered significant attention and user engagement, several key concerns need to be addressed to ensure the long-term sustainability and integrity of this trend.

Basic and Addictive Gameplay

Although these applications boast millions of real users, the gameplay itself is often basic and highly addictive. The simplicity of tap-to-earn mechanics can be both a strength and a weakness. While they attract a broad audience due to their ease of use, the lack of depth in gameplay may result in user fatigue over time. Continuous improvement in the gaming experience is crucial to maintain user interest and engagement.

Verifying User Legitimacy

One of the major challenges in this space is the lack of a reliable way to verify the legitimacy of users. With the potential for bot activity and multiple account creations to game the system, ensuring genuine user participation is essential. Implementing sophisticated anti-bot mechanisms and user verification processes will help maintain the integrity of the games.

Sustainability of Tokenomics Models

The tokenomics models of tap-to-earn games must be sophisticated and sustainable to ensure long-term success. These models need to effectively manage token emissions and create demand in open markets. This involves balancing rewards with in-game and external economic factors to prevent inflation and maintain the value of the in-game currency.

Enhancing Discoverability and User Onboarding

Improving the discoverability of these games within Telegram is vital for attracting new users. Additionally, charging a basic onboarding fee could deter those looking to exploit the system, ensuring that only genuinely interested players join. Integrating more tokenized assets such as meme coins and NFTs could also enhance the appeal and depth of the games.

Integration and Support from Telegram

Greater support from Telegram as a social app could significantly boost the tap-to-earn ecosystem. Introducing a dedicated gaming store feature within the app and hosting global competitions can drive higher engagement and visibility. Furthermore, tighter integration of token wallets and smoother user experiences will be beneficial.

Security and Fair Play

Implementing robust anti-cheating measures is critical to ensure fair play. The games must evolve to include more secure and transparent transaction processes, possibly leveraging blockchain technology more extensively to manage in-game assets and currency.

Evolution and Future Prospects

The tap-to-earn space is still in its infancy, and there is a long way to go. Continuous innovation and adaptation are necessary to keep up with user expectations and technological advancements. Tracking these developments actively will provide valuable insights into the evolution of this gaming trend.


The emergence of tap-to-earn games on Telegram represents a fascinating intersection of gaming, blockchain technology, and social media engagement. These games have successfully captured the attention of millions of users by combining simple, addictive gameplay with the potential for real-world rewards. The integration of the TON blockchain has further enhanced the appeal by ensuring secure and efficient transactions.

However, as this trend continues to grow, addressing key concerns such as the sustainability of tokenomics models, user legitimacy, and enhancing the overall gaming experience will be crucial. Improvements in discoverability, anti-bot mechanisms, and greater support from Telegram itself could significantly bolster the ecosystem, paving the way for more robust and appealing games.

The future of tap-to-earn games holds immense potential. With continuous innovation and adaptation to meet user expectations and technological advancements, these games can evolve into a more sophisticated and engaging form of entertainment. At Newman Capital, we are closely watching the developments in this space, keen to see how these trends unfold and impact the broader gaming and blockchain landscapes. 

As this is just the beginning, we look forward to tracking the advancements and innovations that will shape the future of tap-to-earn games on Telegram and beyond.

Disclaimer: This material has been shared solely for information purposes and must not be relied upon for the purpose of entering into any transaction nor investment. Newman Capital is not an investment adviser and is not purporting to provide you with investment, legal, or tax advice. You are always advised to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before making any investment decision. Newman Capital is not an investor of Hamster Kombat, TapSwap, Notcoin, and Pixelverse as of the date of the publication of this material.

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