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The Introduction of Newman Capital: Everything around Web3

March 8, 2022

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We are excited to announce the formal launch of Newman Capital, a venture capital firm based in Asia dedicated to alternative investments, with Web3 and blockchain ecosystem being one of the investment pillars. In this article, we will dive deeper into why we are radically optimistic about the potential of web3.

The Formation

Our journey in blockchain started back in 2018, and it was when the entire space had faced plenty of headwinds. Ironically, it was also when big players and institutional money started to tap into this space. We were fortunate enough to get a front-row seat to witness the beginning of the digital asset and Web3 space evolution. As the landscape continues to develop from its infancy, we recognized how incredibly diverse the Web3 space is and what potential it offers. To capture these new opportunities, we realized that we needed a more sophisticated structure that allows us to evolve with the industry and decided to combine the broad portfolios of investments we made in the technology and blockchain space, which is why we started Newman Capital in late 2021.

We have been investing in technologies and businesses that deliver impactful experiences in the world we live in. To this day, our team has backed over 40 projects. Some of our early investments are industry leaders in the private technology space, including Reddit, SpaceX, and Epic Games. Since then, we have invested in Web3 and blockchain ideas with use cases beyond speculation and under-tapped growth opportunities to disrupt the ecosystem.

Our Investment Footprint

Since the early days of crypto, we have been investing in some of the most prestigious and renowned crypto funds around the globe – Republic Crypto, NGC Ventures, Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), and Shima Capital to name a few. While we enjoy the diversification and ecosystem exposure our fund investments provide, our crypto-native nature has prompted us to look for better ways to support the growth of decentralized projects as a strategic investor, and contribute to building the next-generation Web3 projects.

For this reason, we have started investing directly into Web3 portfolios. In particular, we are fond of projects that push the boundaries of the financial world to challenge the status quo and infrastructure that supports the robust development of blockchain. Some of our investments in the field include Dapper Labs and Australia-based Loda Finance. We work alongside our portfolios as they strive to make digital assets and Web3 applications mainstream. We are also optimistic about the future of Web3 social and DAO, as we continue to build our knowledge as an investor in Sweeper Dao and Reddit, not only because of how they represent the gateways for millions of people onboarding into crypto but also how the communities are opt-in and incentivized by shared economic ownership.

The Path Forward

We have benefitted from our diversified strategy and flexible structure in the past. Looking forward, we have developed an investment blueprint to support the growth of the technology. Stay tuned for our next newsletter to learn more.

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